Gardening 2021

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    It’s the end of the growing season in most of the U.S. which means that you’re probably starting to think... The post Planning Your Next […]

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    It can be a bit of a bummer when your summer garden starts to fade and you’re getting the last... The post Enjoy Home-Grown Vegetables Indoors […]

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    Perma–nent Agri-culture Permaculture.  You’ve likely seen the word and wondered what the heck it means.  When you search the term... The post […]

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    A large harvest is a good problem to have!  If you’re looking for ways to preserve your summer harvest, you’ve... The post Safely Canning Your […]

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    Freezing is an excellent way to preserve vegetables and fruit you grew in your garden. You may have planted vegetable... The post How to Freeze […]